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  • Digital Signage just got easy !

    Admuuv is cloud based digital signage software that lets you to control your screens easily from anywhere

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Screens should be simple

No need to put usb on your screen and play the same content all day long. It is out of this world! You can make this smarter and easer your job with Admuuv's simple digital signage software.

Engage with the audience

Reach out to people around with your own content in real-time. Deliver your meaningful message with your digital signage displays to the people. It could be for sales & promotions or corporate communication your job, your needs!

Your Display, Your Content

There may lots of content and these should be outshined.No need to create content repeatedly,it could be used more than once thorough your displays. With Admuuv’s cloud based digital signage solutions you can upload as many content as you want, create your own playlists and push all these to your digital signage displays, it could be one or many!



Just upload your content and choose when it has to be displayed through your digital signage displays. You can set different contents to be played in different times in a day or week. No need to worry about what is playing on your screens in a period of a time.

Smarter Playlists

Create your own playlists and do the magic by pushing it to your screens. Lots of screens? No problem ! You can set the duration of contents to get more control on your screens. It's up to you whether to show your contents simultaneously on different screens or may be not !

Comprehensive Layouts

Admuuv offers a variety of preset layouts in order to display different contents on your screens.If you need more customization it's up to your imagination! With Admuuv’s custom layout tool you can design your screens based on your needs and set what is to be played.

How It Works

Arrange a demo

Just leave your mail to us and we will reach out to you for your personalized demo.

Designed for everyone

No need to be technical person.Our team will provide you easy to use digital signage player software and the login credentials

Upload your media

After you login to Admuuv cloud based digital signage software's dashboard just upload your cool stuff and bring magic to your displays!

Supported Hardwares

Admuuv Box

We developed our own digital signage box. If you do not have any digital signage hardware to use our web based digital signage software we can ship our digital signage box to you!

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular mini computer in the world and used broadly for open source raspberry pi signage. You can buy one of them from any hardware store and set up our simple digital software into its SD Card. After that, all you need to do is connect the HDMI cable of Raspberry pi to your digital signage display!

Android Player

For Chromecast digital signage and other Android operating system devices to use our digital signage software just go to Google Play Store and download Admuuv Player .

Why should you use digital signage platform?

Admuuv's easy to use digital signage software provides any business to easily showcase their products, enrich their internal communication, services or any other content for that matter, helping them to stand out and engage with more customers.

Main Sectors

Gas Stations

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We don't need your credit card and other pre-payment options. Admuuv offers flexible payment options based on your needs. Just arrange a demo now.

Currently we have digital signage software for Raspberry Pi. If you have your own, just install our easy signage software.No worries if you don't have just reach to us for hardware solutions.

Admuuv supports any type of signage hardware with HDMI output. Easy to use digital signage just plug n play.